Embracing life's uncertainties

The Japanese stone that holds wisdom: Embracing life’s uncertainties

By Kimine Mayuzumi

In the journey of life, we often stumble upon precious gems that shape our perspectives and guide us through the stormy landscapes. 

Today, I’d like to share with you one such gem. It’s a simple stone with a profound message, and the story behind it. It’s my hope that this message will resonate with those of you facing tough times and provide a source of inspiration, as it did for me.

The message on the stone

Let go of your control

This stone, with a Japanese phrase etched upon it, carries a wisdom transcending language and temporal barriers. If you look at the picture above, you’ll see the stone on the right. On the left is my humble attempt at creating the calligraphy of the same phrase. The message reads as follows:

“Nantoka naru,
Dohnika naru,
Naruyohni naru.”


In English, it translates to:

“It will work out,
It will work out somehow,
It will turn out the way it is meant to turn out.”

At first glance, these lines may seem similar, but their collective wisdom goes deeper. To me, they all convey a singular message: surrender the need for control and embrace the unknown, for every twist and turn has a purpose. In this surrender, you’ll find release from tension and rediscover ease.

The story behind the stone

This special stone found its way into our lives during our honeymoon in Kyoto, Japan, back in 2005. A talented chef at a local restaurant, a friend of our friends’, gifted it to us. He offered it to us in a beautifully embroidered cloth bag with a warm smile and no explanation. Looking back, it’s clear that his gift wasn’t just for mere celebration; it was a gesture that extended into the future.

As newlyweds, we were immersed in the joy of our marriage and the exquisite cuisine the chef prepared for us. However, that stone served as a silent reminder of the deeper purpose of our union. The chef’s subtle smile and the stone in our hands symbolized a powerful truth – that life is a journey of ups and downs, and it’s during the downs that our partnership is truly tested.

In moments of adversity, that stone becomes our guiding light, urging us to release control and embrace life’s uncertainties with grace. It reminds us that every challenge has a purpose, and that what will be, will be.

Sharing the wisdom

Thank you for allowing me to share this deeply personal object with you. I hope it resonates with some of you who may also be facing tough times.

So, I leave you with this question –

Do you have your own mantra, object, or cherished memory that serves as a guiding light during life’s storms, allowing you to face them with grace and resilience?

May you find strength in surrender, purpose in every challenge, and curiosity in embracing life’s unpredictable journey.



Image by bertvthul from Pixabay

About Kimine Mayuzumi

Dr. Kimine Mayuzumi is the co-founder of "Being Lazy and Slowing Down," a personal/professional development initiative committed to supporting higher-education professionals to enhance their wellbeing. She brings extensive research experience, particularly focusing on the challenges faced by minoritized groups in academia. Having supported hundreds of overwhelmed academics, Kimine’s approach emphasizes reclaiming inner balance and clarity without compromising productivity. Through her teachings, she guides individuals to rediscover their sense of wholeness, gain clarity on their life goals, and cultivate sustainable practices for personal and professional fulfillment. Kimine also enjoys Tai Chi and her family time with two kids and her soulmate/life partner, Riyad A. Shahjahan.