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3-minute guided meditation after writing

By Kimine Mayuzumi


Some time ago, I created an audio for guided meditation before writing, and it touched the lives of many, helping them set the right intention for their writing sessions.

Recently, it was a reader’s comment on that guided meditation that inspired me to take a step further. The reader, like many of us, longed for a way to wrap up their writing sessions, to savor what they had achieved, and to quell the constant self-doubt that they hadn’t done enough. They yearned for a moment of closure, a brief yet powerful ritual to honor their efforts and embrace a sense of fulfillment.

Revisiting my materials from a writing retreat I had led for scholars in 2021, I realized how valuable it was to offer writers a space for reflection at the end of their day. With the insights gained from that experience, I embarked on a journey to create a new guided meditation, one designed for writers AFTER they’ve poured their hearts onto the page.

In crafting this closing ritual audio, I turned to the core principles that have guided my work: Being Lazy and Slowing Down. The art of slowing down and being gentle with ourselves is vital, especially for writers who tend to immerse themselves in their cognitive work while sometimes neglecting the connection with their bodies.

During the three-minute guided meditation, I take you on a journey that invites you to reconnect with your physical self, to acknowledge the body parts you may have unintentionally ignored while engrossed in your writing. By doing so, we embrace the present moment and acknowledge ourselves as whole beings, not solely consumed by the mind’s creations.

Transitioning from the intense focus of writing to the present moment requires intention. I encourage you to ritualize this transition, to bring your intention to the forefront with curiosity and compassion. This enables you to move forward with a sense of purpose, rather than getting caught up in the past and what might have been left undone.

In this meditation, we honor the pleasure of practice, placing importance on the journey of writing rather than merely focusing on the amount of work completed. Each session, each word, contributes to the growth of a writer. By recognizing that writing is a process, a beautiful journey, we can fully appreciate the experience, not just the end result.

Below is the transcript in case you want to see what I say first.

Welcome to this guided meditation. It is time to honor your writer self after writing. This closing ritual will help you transition gracefully into the next phase of your day, while carrying the joy of your practice with you, eager to return to it soon.

Let’s bring ourselves to the present moment.


Find a comfortable position, sit straight and gently close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and as you exhale slowly, feel your body relax completely.

Now, repeat in your mind: “I am enough. I did enough..”

Continue to breathe slowly and deeply, allowing your breath to guide you. Feel the gentle, circular flow of energy as you inhale and exhale.

Take a moment to acknowledge your body, which tirelessly holds your spirit and thoughts, providing you with pleasure and invaluable lessons. 


Tap gently on your head and say, “Thank you, my brain,

for processing my thoughts and emotions.”

Tap around your eyes and say, “Thank you, my eyes,

for allowing me to see the beauty in the world.”

Tap your shoulders and say, “Thank you, shoulders,

for granting me strength.”

Open and close your fingers and say, “Thank you, my hands,

for typing on the keyboard (or holding a pen).”

Rub your back and say, “Thank you, my back,

for supporting me as I sit.”

Wiggle your toes and say, “Thank you, my toes,

for enabling me to walk.”

Now, embrace yourself by wrapping your arms around you and say, “Congratulations on the pleasure of practice

that you have cultivated today.”

As we end this meditation, gently shift your focus to the sounds around you. Slowly open your eyes, allowing yourself to fully experience the present moment. Recognize the pleasure, pride, and satisfaction that come from being you, a writer. Carry this sense of fulfillment with you as you continue your day.

May the rest of your day be filled with inspiration and joy.


Music by HarumachiMusic from Pixabay

Photo by Sebastian Staines on Unsplash

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About Kimine Mayuzumi

Dr. Kimine Mayuzumi is the co-founder of "Being Lazy and Slowing Down," a personal/professional development initiative committed to supporting higher-education professionals to enhance their wellbeing. She brings extensive research experience, particularly focusing on the challenges faced by minoritized groups in academia. Having supported hundreds of overwhelmed academics, Kimine’s approach emphasizes reclaiming inner balance and clarity without compromising productivity. Through her teachings, she guides individuals to rediscover their sense of wholeness, gain clarity on their life goals, and cultivate sustainable practices for personal and professional fulfillment. Kimine also enjoys Tai Chi and her family time with two kids and her soulmate/life partner, Riyad A. Shahjahan.